Wonderful Children's Books for Spring

Guide to my Favorite Children’s books about Spring

I spent many years gathering and creating a collection of children’s books. During my years of being an undergraduate and graduate student, I was slowly amassing a curated selection of children’s books. These books were just for fun classroom library additions and more often as a lesson for my students.

When I had my own children, I was so fortunate to already have a huge library of books to use at home with my girls. We still made 100s of visits to our public library and they still received books as gifts, but many of my classroom books turned into my girl’s favorites as well.

Spring is a great time to use children’s literature while exploring and observing the new changes taking place in your own community, neighborhood, and backyard. In spring it’s so easy for your children to notice the new growth with plants, different types of insects, and the ever-changing spring weather pattern. So, have a little fun with your kids while you learn together about the wonder of springtime and find some new books to add to your family’s library!

Here are just a small handful of children’s books about spring I love!

· We’re Going on an Egg Hunt, by Laura Hughes

· Five Funny Bunnies by, Harcourt & Kushnir

· A Windy Day in Spring, Charles Ghigna

· Singing in the Rain, by Freed & Brown

· Caterpillar Spring, Butterfly Summer, by Susan Hood

· Busy Spring, Nature Wakes Up, by Taylor & Moss

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