Top Five Reasons to Schedule Your Family Session at a Studio

I have used the incredible Lumen Room Studio in Fort Worth to capture several Fort Worth area families, children, infants, and mothers. There are multiple reasons why I choose to utilize the Lumen Room for family, newborn, and milestone sessions. In fact, there were so many, I had to create a list! Without further ado, here are my top five reasons why you should choose the Lumen Room Studio as your next location for pictures.

  • Location

The Lumen Room has two Fort Worth locations, both are in a small business area in town known as Southside. Both studios are centrally located in Fort Worth, you are close enough to the major highways without having to deal with crazy traffic. Navigating to the studios is simple, and parking is a snap!

  • Facilities

The Lumen Room is a self-contained studio. There are no other people using the studio while we are there conducting your session. If your children are very energetic, it is comforting to know that they will not be interrupting other people during their sessions. There is a restroom at each location and plenty of space to bring the whole family. Also, since we are the only party in the studio the children are less likely to get distracted by other people.

  • The Lighting

The lighting in both Lumen Room studios is gorgeous. Now, you know I love a good golden hour session outdoors, but it is wonderful to have an indoor studio with good consistent natural lighting. Also, not every home has ample natural light for indoor sessions. By having access to the Lumen Room, it allows all families the opportunity to conduct their sessions indoors. Rarely have I ever had to reschedule a photography session at the Lumen Room due to weather. However, I have had to reschedule multiple in-home sessions due to weather. The Lumen Room is designed to amplify any natural light streaming through their large windows. Of course, the light-colored floors and all white background help as well.

  • Scheduling

For outdoor family sessions I must schedule your session around the ‘golden hour.’ The golden hour is the time of day right after the sunrise or right before the sunsets. Depending on your family’s schedule with school activities, spouses’ work schedules, and bedtime routines, having a ‘golden hour’ session is not feasible. However, at the Lumen Room, we can shoot your family session, milestone session, or newborn session anytime between 9am to 3pm. Thus, if your family has a strict evening or morning schedule, this allows plenty of time blocks to choose for your session.

  • Classic Aesthetic

Both Lumen Room locations in Fort Worth have a clean classic look to the studio. Although the walls are all white, each location has subtle variations to add texture and depth to the walls. Brick, molding, windows with sheer white curtains, large unique loft style windows, are all options at the studios. Also, each location has an inventory of classic, modern furniture we can use during your photography session. There are large couches, unique chairs, a simple bed, colored backdrop panels, rugs, stools, and sometimes plants. All of these elements help to create a unique look to each session I conduct at the Lumen Room.

Long gone are the days of the type of portrait studios I grew up with. The ones where you had a roll of paper behind you that was either tan, blue, black, or white. The Lumen Room provides a multitude of unique features that allow your family or newborn session to create the look that is solely yours. If you are interested in a family or newborn session at the Lumen Room, I am ready to help you!

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