The summer that keeps going...

I had great intentions about sharing with you all of our fun, organized, and well executed summer crafts & creative activities. Well, it's not happening. How many of you all have tie-dyed, made bracelets, put together puzzles, played numerous hands of UNO (the one game all 5 of us enjoy), played dress-up, baked, played outside, biked, walked, painted, movie marathoned, etc...? I am guessing most all of you have already done the same things, because this is the longest summer EVER. We are all reaching for something to pass the time. Honestly, most of our 'activity' was not organized, ended with someone upset, or no one wanted to do the craft that I prepared. Can anyone relate?

Thankfully, we were able to take in some different scenery and that helped our attitudes tremendously. We explored the Devil's River, WAY down in southwest Texas. We played with rocks & sticks, wore swimsuits the entire day, gathered found turkey feathers, kayaked, fished, swam, watched for wild life, and Violet taught us how to catch minnows with our hands. No craft kits needed, no spills of acrylic paint, and didn't need directions for this type of fun. It was glorious.

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