Thank you for being here and welcome to my website! As a child, I had albums upon albums of snapshots I took while growing up. I enjoyed using the camera, usually a disposable one, to document family vacations and trips to visit extended family. After having my three girls, I became motivated to create better images of my own family. Through extended education classes, an amazing mentor photographer and friend, and a lot of trial and error, I became confident in my abilities to capture and document all the little things that become so fleeting.

I live in Fort Worth with my husband, three daughters, our dog Vern and eight mischievous chickens. I love exploring Fort Worth. I am always ready for a Texas road trip weekend, especially if it involves the outdoors. Books are a treasure to me. I have a live-long addiction to antique shopping, although it might be more accurate to call 'junkin'.

Picture by Mae Burke

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