Morning Light Magic

Sunrise Family Photography Session, Fort Worth

One of my most favorite times of the day to photograph families, especially young children, is in the morning. First...I get it parents, it is hard to wake up earlier than usual, get yourself ready, and wrestle your child’s clothes on them. However, children just do much better in the morning, and I think you know this too. They are more likely to interact in a positive manner in the morning, rather than the afternoon or early evening. The children are refreshed, awake, happy, and ready to have some fun! Combine the energy level of your children with the soft morning light, it makes magic!

With this full family photography session just minutes away from downtown Fort Worth, we had plenty of time to have a pretend picnic, talk about what will be happening later in the day, searched for wildflowers, found horse tracks, played chase, and had so much fun together!

Often times potential clients will wonder, “is a whole hour of photographing my family manageable? I just do not think my kids can last for one hour!” My answer is a resounding yes! For all the reasons above! A very small time of your family photography session will be spent standing still. In fact, my goal is to catch you interacting and connecting with your children. Your children will lead the path during your session.

If your child is super energetic and wanting to explore, then I will follow them and we will find bugs, rocks, and a hidden patch of bluebonnets!

If your child is more reserved, then I will encourage you to snuggle with your child and we will have fun at a pretend picnic or play ‘I spy.’

I am so grateful when families choose to spend 45-60 minutes allowing me to capture each child by themselves, together with their siblings, and I always love saving time for mom and dad at the end of the session.

When a client requests to have a sunrise photography session, it truly makes me giddy. I already know before the session begins, most everyone will be rested and in a good mood, the lighting will be gorgeous, and thankfully the weather most likely will be pleasant and cool. I know getting your entire family ready at the dawn is overwhelming, but it is so worth it and just think, you’ve got the rest of the day ahead of you!

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