Mini Sessions vs. Full Sessions

Why are one hour family photography sessions important?

As the saying goes, “there is a time and place for everything.” Yes, there are times you only need a family mini session and there are times when having a full hour of a family session are very important. Let’s look at what a mini session and a full family session entail.

Mini Sessions are great, but…

I offer mini family photography sessions twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. A mini session is 20 minutes’ worth of shooting time with an average result of 15 or more images. When I conduct mini sessions, my shot list only includes images of the family as a group. I will guide my families through multiple poses and typically we will stay in one general are to conduct your entire session. If there is time remaining at the end of your family mini session, I will try and get a sibling shot or each parent with the children.

Mini sessions are fast and furious! Mini sessions are perfect if you are needing a family group image to update your gallery wall or to gift to family and friends with a holiday greeting. Of course, the biggest downside to a mini session is the limited about of time. There is not time for individual images of each family member. Also, one of the biggest drawbacks, is the mini session does not allow time for your children an opportunity to ‘warm-up’ and become accustomed to me taking their picture. This is mainly apparent in child who tend to be more reserved.

I’m worried a full session is to long for my kids to focus, what do you think?

Of course, a young child cannot sit still on focus for an entire hour of pictures! That is why a full session is so amazing because it allows for children to move around and take breaks while I capture other family members. Full sessions proceed at a relaxed pace and trust me, so many families I have photographed say, “that went by really fast!” During a full family photography session you will find yourself playing fames with your children, snuggling with your children, and it provides ample opportunities for me to capture connections between you and all of your family members.

A full session includes 60-70 minutes of shooting time and typically results in a gallery of +50 images. Full sessions allow time for me to get individual pictures of your children, sibling posing, all family together, mom with the children, and dad with the children. Better yet, we will even have time for mom and dad to take a picture together! In addition, full sessions allow us to move to different areas of your location which allows you more variety in your gallery.

There are no regrets when you book a full session

Once you book your full family photography session and we gather and conduct your session, you will be so pleased with your gallery. Your gallery will have a huge variety of images. Also, because we move at a relaxed pace, there is time for each of us to process the session before you leave. You will not leave with the regrettable feeling of “I wish we had time for this shot…”

If you are interested in booking your family session, please send me an email or direct message and I will gladly share with you more details about full family photography sessions and how you can book your own family session.

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