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What to wear for your family photography sessions in the Spring…

Are you starting to find yourself craving a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe? Are your evenings with your family are little more manageable because the kids can stay outside longer to play with the increase daylight hours? Are you thinking maybe it’s time to start paying attention to your pedicure?

After a dark winter season and a few bouts of freeing winter weather, spring is a great time to feel refreshed, renewed, and it is one of the BEST imtes to take family pictures. In my opinion, spring is one of the best times for planning wardrobes for family pictures. The parks and green space areas around town are perking up with vibrant greens and dapples of colorful blooms making a wonderful backdrop for family images. The weather is starting to warm up, but we still enjoy cooler mornings and evenings. Finally, the sun rises, and sunsets are at a manageable time for my ‘golden hour’ sessions, not too late for little one’s bedtimes, not too earlier for tired parents.

With an array of light to vibrant colors, soft fabrics with movement, and the ability to layer light weight textures help to create an amazing outfit for everyone in the family. However, I still want you to feel like yourself and embrace the best outfit suggestions for your images.

Here are my top 5 Suggestions for dressing for Spring Pictures

ONE: Consider your location.

Before planning your outfit, keep in mind where your session will be located. Will you be at home? Will you be outdoors in a field or at a park? Will you be in a studio? If your session is in your home, you should consider dressing in a way that compliments your home’s interior. If you will be outside at a field, you need to consider being able to move freely in your outfits and have comfortable shoes. Finally, if you are in a studio, your clothing choices will be front and center and attention to detail will matter.

TWO: Start with mom’s outfit.

Just creating a starting point can be dauting, that’s why I always say, start with mom’s outfit It is the building block of your color scheme. Women’s clothing, or girls’ clothing tends to have more variety than men’s. There are more opportunities to choose a dress that you love the color or print.

Yes, I absolutely prefer it when moms wear dresses. It’s a one and done choice. Also, the right dress is extremely flattering on your figure. If you cannot stand the thought of wearing a dress, try midi-maxi length skirt or a jumpsuit. Finally, I think it is better to spend the money and time aon finding an outfit with higher quality material because they hang better on your figure and tend to hide the problem areas.

THREE: Choose 2-3 coordinating colors for your color palette. I personally prefer muted colors because it allows your faces and interactions to be the first thing noticed in your images instead of bold bright colors. However, some moms LOVE bold colors. If that is true for you, use your bold colors in moderation and not close to your face.

FOUR: Coordinate your outfits, do not match.

Avoid everyone wearing the same color. If you want to match with your daughter, dress her in a coordinating print or stripe that compliments the colors in your dress. If you want your son to match your husband, use your husband’s shirt color to accent your son’s shirt or bottoms. A plaid is a great way to accomplish this.

FIVE: Use layers and accessories to act like icing on the cake.

Yes, I love when moms use accessories to ‘dress up’ their outfits. Subtle jewelry, belts for little boys, simple hair accessories for young girls all look fantastic. A solid cardigan that has a hint of texture looks great as well. The most important thing to remember about accessories is not to overdue your look. When looking back at your images, sometimes accessories can date your look…hello bubble necklaces. Classic hoops, simple necklaces, and smaller size hair accessories are best.

In the end, I want you to feel great about your outfit and be comfortable in your outfit. During your family session you will be moving and playing with your children. These photos are a reflection of you and your family. Please take some time and plan for your outfits. If shopping is not your favorite thing, let me help you! I love to help clients create their family's outfits. Below you will find just a few stores that I have discovered several favorites items for family photo sessions.


TARGET: kids outfits

OLD NAVY:outfits for everyone

FREE PEOPLE: dresses for mom

AMAZON: dresses for moms and girls

BALTIC BORN: dresses for mom

VICI:dresses for mom

ZARA: everyone

H &M: kids abercrombie

J. CREW: everyone

HALE HOUSE: dresses or tops for mom

CHICWISH: dresses for mom

ABERCROMBIE: dresses and tops for moms and dads

REMIE GIRL: dresses for girls

NOTHING FITS BUT...: outfits for moms and infants

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