I don't know what to wear!!!

You made the decision to hire a photographer to take pictures of your family. After deciding the date and location, the very next question is, what should I wear?

First, I am so glad you are taking a minute to plan your outfits. As moms, it falls under our list of to-dos. Since, it is your job to coordinate everyone, I suggest starting with you! For the type of photography I do, all family members involved in the session will be moving around. Sitting on the ground, standing, kneeling, dancing, jumping, running, are all possibilities during a session. Short skirts, short dresses, or tight fitting clothes are not easy to move around in, and you have to make adjustments throughout the session. I love when moms choose a longer dress or skirt. It lends itself to showing movement in the pictures and catches light as the fabric moves. Also, longer skirts or dresses are easy to tuck under your legs when sitting on the ground.

Can I wear jeans? Of course you can wear jeans! As stated before, your clothes should allow freedom of movement and you need to be comfortable. I think jeans are a great option. Pairing jeans with a top that has a feminine style, details, or a soft shape create a beautiful, classic silhouette. Light weight layers and accessories can take an outfit to the next level. Cardigans, vests, jewelry, scarves, blazers, all create interest in your outfit. Just steer clear of trendy items.

If you are undecided on a color scheme, different neutral shades are fool proof (ivory, grey, beige, light blue) then, add a few pops of a coordinating color. The days of all white shirts and blue jeans are over! We want colors to complement each other. Think soft colors (light blue, grey, blush) or warm colors (mustard yellow, teal, brown), or vivd colors for more colorful images. Pops of pattern can look great. To keep things from looking too mundane, include textures like chunky knits, fur, tulle, lace, etc. Avoid super tiny prints, especially small plaid and small stripes often found on men's shirts.

Make sure the outfits you choose for your children are comfortable. If your daughter doesn't like to wear dresses, find a super cute jumpsuit or an outfit based on really fun pants. If your son doesn't like to wear bowties, do not force it on picture day. Everyone should be comfortable!

Other things to keep in mind when planning your outfit is to think about where you plan on using these pictures. Does your home have pops of bright colors, will these be in a neutral colored nursery, or do you love neutrals and whites in your home? Dress like you decorate your home.

Next, please consider the weather! Nothing is more miserable than wearing a sleeveless dress in 30 degree weather! If you are planning an outdoor session in late October or November, have some warm weather accessories ready. Target, Walmart, and consignment stores are great places to find inexpensive, cute cold weather accessories.

Things that I try to avoid are logos and texts on clothing, athletic shoes, and short sleeve t-shirts. Button downs, or structured shirts with thicker material generally look better in photos. If you really want to wear a t-shirt, layer with a cardigan or blazer. Another thing to avoid are tiny plaids, small stripes, and complicated patters.

Here are some short cuts:

Moms and girls:

-maxi-and midi length dresses & skirts

-fitted tops tucked into longer skirts

-A-line dresses/coats

-skinny jeans

-tunic length shirts

-cardigans, blazers, vests


Avoid: strapless, tops, high heels, mini dresses, short skirts, low cut jeans, baggy clothes, & very chunky knits

Dads and boys:

-shirts designed to be untucked


-chino pants/shorts

-dark jeans

-button downs


-leather shoes, converse, or Vans

Avoid: Short sleeve polos, very small patterns, baggy pants/shorts, athletic shoes, white t-shirts, and phones and wallets in pockets.

I hope this helps alleviate the stress when dressing your family for pictures. These are just a few ideas I have observed while being on the other side of the camera.

As always, you be you! Clothing is another extension of sharing our style. Whether it is vibrant with pops of whimsical colors, or neutral with cozy knits and soft tones, taking a few minutes to plan and coordinate outfits will result in beautiful, unique, and authentic family images.

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