Capture Your Season

I often talk on my social media posts about capturing the moment, not only the moment, but capturing the season your family is in. I think that is still one of my biggest motivations as a photographer, because as a mom, looking back over images you can remember the sights, smells, and feelings of those seasons just by looking at a picture of your children.

In fact, looking back on pictures of my girls, it vividly brings back the details of their old bedrooms, their toys they played with...all the plastic animals all over the floor, and even the smells. I can remember the joy they had when they wore a certain outfit and how they always carried around the same stuffed animal or piece of blanket. Images are a powerful memory enhancer. Oddly enough, you don't always realize you've left a season of time until you look back on those old images.

That is why I was absolutely thrilled to help a friend capture this season of time with her daughters. This sweet family was one of our preschool buddies. My girls and her girls were at the same preschool together and we bonded over playdates to parks, snacks of goldfish, and comparing the best places to find clothes for our girls. After our time at preschool, our girls ended up going to different elementary schools, and through job changes, schools, and moves, we didn't see each other as often as we once did. However, at their motherhood session, it felt like no time had past.

Every season is important and meant to be remember. I also proud of this mom for realizing the fact that , yes her girls are older, but not only does she want pictures to capture this time, she wants to be in the pictures with her girls. Bravo momma!

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