We decided to take a break from our usual Easter activities and head outdoors. We met up with another family at Mineral Wells State Park for a weekend of camping over the Easter weekend.

I am first to admit, camping did not seem very appealing. Yes, we had camped many times before with our girls. We always enjoyed ourselves, but it had been a LONG time since we had done it all together. Using the campsite bathroom and sleeping in a bag, was just not sounding like the perfect Easter vacation.

However, we kept moving forward with the plans and I psyched myself up knowing that a wonderful, warm shower at home after spending two days outdoors would be a great reward to look forward to. We rented a screened shelter, which is a slight upgrade from tent camping. It had a concrete floor, screened windows on all four sides, indoor and outdoor lights, plugs, a door, and 3 of the four walls had fixed blinds for privacy. We were able to fit three cots and a heavy duty blow-up mattress with room to spare. Along with bedding, kayaks, bikes, helmets, fishing supplies, games, food, drinks, clothes, chairs, cooking items, wood, etc...we came to the point in time where we had to use two cars to get everything to fit! Thankfully, we chose a nearby state park!

We shared dinners with the other families, one night chili (prepped at home) and the other night was make your own hobo-packets. They were both delish. We topped those meals off with smores, Star-burst jelly beans, and tons of snacks during the day. The kids had a great time playing Can-Smash, Kubs (wooden king lawn game), bike riding, exploring, hiking, fishing, pretending, doodle bug hunting, and card playing. They entertained themselves the entire time, it was so great. Even the older kids were busy, and there was almost no phones used! Finally, a Sunday morning brunch by the fire with an Easter egg hunt to top off the weekend.

We left with full hearts, dirty laundry, and gratitude for uninterrupted time together. I admit, the sleeping for me wasn't that great, but in the end, it was so very worth it and the shower at home was definitely worth the wait!

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